Program Services

Program Services

By combining innovative media solutions with grassroots community mobilization we empower people to improve their lives. We utilize the range of tools detailed below to achieve lasting impact through our work.

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Media Engagement

RUMNET produces quality radio programmes and video products and a range of print and new media content 0n issues of concern to our target beneficiaries through:

Chat Show

The Chat Show entails group discussion, interviews and game shows that foster candid dialogue, engaging audiences with a diversity of perspectives. The chat show format empowers audiences by sparking local conversation and provoking questions from listeners who call in, write, SMS or e-mail the host.


Vibrant characters within radio and television dramas capture audiences, providing role models for audiences to emulate and turn to for advice, as well as support and links to resources. Audiences learn lessons from characters that face the same challenges that they confront in their daily lives – Radio and Video.

Magazine Shows

This provides in-depth insight into pertinent and often sensitive subjects such as HIV transmission and women’s empowerment; provides audience with engaging content that challenges assumptions. Magazine shows cover a range of issues from local events to special interest stories – Radio

Education Programmes

These are instructional programmes that equip target beneficiaries and stakeholders with insight and practical skills to help them to perform their jobs, more effectively. It also documents stories and share them with the public to raise awareness and advocate for change – Radio and Video.


A range of materials including magazines complement our broadcast media programmes and community engagement. Innovative use of graphics targeting those with low levels of print literacy allows our print materials to reach the widest possible audience.

New Media

The use of internet and mobile platforms such as SMS/Texts allows us to reach audience directly and wherever they are. Integration of new media ensures interactivity and tailored messaging of information in response to user demands- Internet, Mobile.

Community Engagement

RUMNET provides a unique range of training and engagement activities to its beneficiaries each year.

Community Reporters

Individuals at the community level are equipped to produce content for local and national broadcast, putting the power to be heard directly in the hands of the local people. This locally generated content is vital to giving voice to all the community, ensuring empowerment and responsiveness.

Leadership Training

Face-to-face leadership workshops for women leaders, teachers, listening group facilitators and outreach workers inspire new community and grassroots groups. Skills learned through workshops are subsequently reinforced through media programmes.

Forums and Meetings

Carefully designed to bring together a synergy of participants to achieve insight or the potential for change, forums and meetings allow groups such as religious leaders, women and the minorities to take action to achieve change. The impact of the gathering is often leveraged by broadcast on local or national media.

Listening Clubs

Self informed or supported listeners groups meet to discuss issues raised in radio programming. Tackling tough challenges- such as reducing domestic violence- these groups act collectively to challenge damaging practices and share knowledge with their communities.

Community Theatre

In many cultures, educational theatre performed at the community level strikes a unique cord with the audience. Community theatre is used to tackle tough social change goals- such as reducing the use of drugs – in even the most challenging settings.

Media Training

The effective use of media is a powerful tool for positive social change. Journalists and lay persons are trained to achieve change through the media using a variety of techniques from behaviour change to community empowerment media.

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