A monthly development-oriented newspaper, that brings to the fore and notice of policy and decision-makers, the plight and potentials of deprived communities, and the impact of state policies on communities- for possible review.


A weekly radio magazine programme that educated and informed over 3,000 listeners and 54 communities, enabling them to freely express their views, opinions and desires for the attention and action of the local government authorities.

Media Advocacy for Sustainable Natural Resource and Environmental Governance

Increased the participation of 25 communities in the governance and management of their natural resources; and to monitor and hold government /duty bearers accountable to the policies on Natural Resource and Environmental Governance (NREG).

Citizens’ Participation in Local Governance

Imparted media engagement, lobbying, public speaking and community mobilisation skills to 54 Assembly members of the Savelugu-Nanton District. The training improved their ability to present the demands of their electorates effectively to the Assembly. RUMNET developed a manual on Community Mobilization for Assembly members.

Citizens Engagement In Social Accountability

Enabled 20 communities in the Savelugu-Nanton District to acquire the evidence to evaluate and improve on the delivery of basic education and provision of health insurance services.

Media for Good Governance

Enhanced the skills of 45 media personnel in the three Northern Regions in Advocacy Journalism and good Election Reporting-in a series of training.

Peace Media

Improved the knowledge and skills of 60 journalists in peacebuilding and conflict sensitive reporting in the three regions of the north.

Campaign Against Domestic Violence

Behaviour change communication campaign that reduced violence against women in Builpela, a suburb of Tamale

Energy Conservation Campaign

The campaign influenced over 1,000 women to use energy-conserving stoves and cooking methods that reduced the use of wood fuel to save the forests.

Campaign for Biodiversity Conservation

Improved biodiversity conservation in 75 communities in the Upper West, Upper East and Northern regions.